Planetarium, the Live Streams

9th November 2020

Planetarium, the Live Streams

To celebrate the upcoming release of the debut album Planetarium, we'll be doing two live streams!

The first live stream will be on release day itself and is called: Planetarium : The Complete Experience. The stream will feature all tracks but in a visual experience. The stream will also focus on the inception of the album, the early steps, the process and more. Make sure to join in on YouTube, at 20:30. (An eventlink will be shared shortly.)

The second stream, Planetarium : The Demo's will be a more casual live hangout, where we'll go through early demo's of certain tracks, rejected ideas and covers, deconstruction of the singles and other stuff like that. It'll also be the chance to really join in on a conversation. This stream will happen one week after release, so on 27th of November, also on YouTube at 20:30. (An eventlink will be shared shortly.)

See you soon, just ten more days ...