Planetarium, album announcement

14th October 2020

Planetarium, album announcement

Very excited to announce the very first Limited Time Mode album: Planetarium.

Planetarium will drop on the 20th of November. The album will feature ten tracks; Including the previously released single Aimless, as well as a new single that will be dropping on the 6th of November called Anomaly.

The final tracklist has been released on social media. In case you missed it, here it is again:
01. Star Searcher
02. Aimless
03. Anomaly
04. The Oracle
05. Illuminate
06. Tranquility
07. Prism
08. Radiant Rules
09. Geostationary
10. Atmospheric Entry

Finally, to celebrate this new chapter in this LTM-story, we've updated the website with a fresh design!

See you soon!